Export from Active Directory

I started writing this AD reporting tool as part of a bigger project to monitor and report on changes in Active Directory, so that as a Windows system administrator you can have visibility on what changes have been made to Active Directory. Some of this can already be accomplished in Powershell, but most Windows administrators (and managers) I know are still more comfortable with a GUI application.

At this stage you can add multiple filters in a (what I hope is intuitive) logical fashion to create an export of users, groups or contacts using whichever attributes from AD you need in whichever combination.

For example, does your boss need a list of all the users in the Finance Drive group, but aren’t in the Finance department, that have logged on in the past 2 weeks and in a particular OU? That’s a long Powershell script, but quite simple with point and click.

I’m using it to email myself daily reports on all new objects created in Active Directory so I can keep an eye on what changes are being made on the system.

As always, for various reasons I have to say use at your own risk, but it is a read-only tool and I have been using it for a few months now on multiple domains with no ill effects.

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