How to list UPN Suffixes of an Active Directory Forest

Here is a simple command to list the UPN Suffixes of an AD Forest: get-adforest | select UPNSuffixes -ExpandProperty UPNSuffixes  

Easily create user folder shares in Windows

Here is a short one-liner to run in a Command Prompt to share out folders for mapping your users’ home folders. The command assumes your user folders have the same name as your users’ login names:

Just replace “D:\Users” and “DOMAINNAME” with values appropriate to your environment.

Free SMTP filter for Windows

I came across some software today that’s been around a while, but seems to have been flying under the radar. It is called Xeams and it is a SMTP/Email server for Windows operating systems. It can act as a Full Email server, Spam Firewall or both. Since Microsoft seem to have stealthily removed event sinks in IIS, they […]

Export from Active Directory

I started writing this AD reporting tool as part of a bigger project to monitor and report on changes in Active Directory, so that as a Windows system administrator you can have visibility on what changes have been made to Active Directory. Some of this can already be accomplished in Powershell, but most Windows administrators (and managers) […]