I have a specific list of email addresses, how do I report on those?

The Add Bulk feature in Active Directory Exporter is a very useful feature that will let you export Active Directory with matched list of objects if you already have a list of email addresses that you want to report on:

1. Open Active Directory Exporter and load an AD snapshot

2. Select the Default Report and click on Load Report to load the report.

3. Click Continue to display the report

4. Click on the Filters toolbar button

Active Directory Exporter


5. Under the Custom Filters section, click the Property field and select ‘mail‘ (or ‘proxyAddresses‘ if you want to search all the email addresses of the account)

6. Under Expression choose “Is exactly

6. Click the “Add Bulk” button

Active Directory Exporter


7. Paste from the clipboard or enter the email addresses in the textbox

8. Keep the Create on filter for all values option selected

9. Click Add all to Filter, this will create a new filter with the entered values and add it to the report

10. Using this filter you can report consistently on the same set of accounts.

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