How do I load a snapshot into Active Directory Exporter?

The first thing you must do when launching Active Directory Exporter  is to load a snapshot. This loads the contents of Active Directory into memory so that you can search and report on the directory.

Click Load Snapshot from the bottom toolbar. There are 3 options for loading a snapshot into Active Directory Exporter: Load from Active Directory

This will be the only option available if you haven’t already created some AD snapshots. This option will query a domain controller and load the contents of the domain. It will also save the contents as snapshot file for later use.

Load from Last Session 
This option is only available if you have already loaded Active Directory in an earlier session. This l
oads the contents of Active Directory into memory from the saved file that was used in your last session.

Load from Saved File
This option is only available if you have snapshot files already saved. This b
rings up a list of all your Active Directory snapshots from which you can select a snapshot from a particular date.

Once Active Directory has been loaded into memory, the Load Report window will open. You can either load a pre-saved report or close the window and start from scratch.

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