How do I export the attributes of all the members of all AD groups?

Get members and export active directory nested groups

1. Open Active Directory Exporter and load an AD snapshot

2. Select the Default Report and click on Load Report to load the report.

3. Click Continue to display the report

4. Click the Filters button

Active Directory reporting based on filters
Active Directory Export Filters

5. Tick the Groups option and click Go Back

6. Click the Advanced button to go to Advanced Export Options

7. Click to select the the Join Objects tab

Active Directory reporting advanced options
Active Directory reporting with advanced options

8. Click the member attribute – The Load Report window will popup to select a report.

9. Select the All Users report or a report that you have created. The attributes for the members of the groups will be obtained from the columns in the report that you select here. For example, if the report contains the mail attribute and the name attribute as columns, then your final export of the report will contain added columns of mail and name for each member of the group.

10. Click Apply Changes

11. Now when you Export to one of the available formats, there will be an entry for each member of each group in your AD domain aswell as added columns for the attributes of each member. If you export to CSV and open the file in Excel, you can manipulate the CSV file further.

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